Appetizer Spoons with Basil Chickpea Spread Recipe

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Appetizer Spoons with Basil Chickpea Spread Recipe


  • 1 jar of Chickpea Spread with Basil
  • Porcelain spoons
  • Toasted pine nuts


  1. Prepare the Aperitif Spoons :

    • Place the spoons on a clean, elegant work surface.
  2. Tartinage du Pois Chiche au Basilic :

    • Carefully open the jar of Chickpea Spread with Basil.
    • Using a small spoon, scoop out a generous amount of the spread and place it on the bottom of each spoon.
  3. Pine nut filling :

    • Sprinkle the toasted pine nuts generously over the spread, adding a crunchy note to every bite.
  4. Elegant presentation:

    • Arrange the spoons on an elegant serving platter.
    • For a finishing touch, you can add a few fresh basil leaves for decoration.
  5. Service and Tasting :

    • Present these aperitif spoons at your festivities to dazzle your guests.
    • Encourage them to try this unique vegetarian creation, combining the freshness of chickpeas with the intoxicating flavour of basil, enhanced by the crunchy texture of pine nuts.

This recipe for Aperitif Spoons with Chickpea Spread with Basil is a fusion of flavours that will appeal to all palates, offering a deliciously memorable vegetarian experience. Bon appétit! ??️

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