Spices Nomie

Dive into a world of bold and captivating flavors with our collection of jams from exclusive collaborations with spice experts. At La Chambre, we celebrate the perfect union between luscious fruit and exotic spices, creating gustatory delights that awaken the senses.


Discover the exquisite alliance of La Chambre's jams with Nomie's spices, a collaboration dedicated to cooking enthusiasts and spice lovers. Nomie, a staunch advocate of purity, freshness, and traceability, meticulously selects spices from small producers worldwide. Each jar of jam thus becomes a symphony of spices, capturing the very essence of the terroir and artisanal work. This encounter between spices and fruits will never cease to surprise you. Curiosity is at the origin of these original associations, and it is thanks to it that we discover new flavors to introduce to you.

Let yourself be charmed by these unique creations where the excellence of spices and the indulgence of jams harmoniously meet. This special collaboration between La Chambre and Nomie offers more than just a culinary experience; it represents an ode to the shared passion for the art of gastronomy. Explore the subtle nuances of each jar and dive into a sensory adventure where flavors from around the world elegantly blend.

The fusion of La Chambre's artisanal jam flavors and Nomie's refined spices offers you an exceptional culinary journey, where passion for details and respect for ingredients are fully expressed. Indulge in this sensory pleasure and explore the perfect harmony between exquisite jams and exceptional spices. Each bite becomes a celebration of flavors, a testament to the commitment to gastronomic excellence shared by La Chambre and Nomie.