The art of jam

Founded in 2011

Who are we?

Since its creation in 2011, our company has been driven by strong values that underpin both our dedication to your satisfaction and our day-to-day commitment to our craft as creators and assemblers of flavors.

As passionate explorers of taste, we go in search of the most original combinations to help you discover a world of infinite flavors.

The world is our playground.

We select fruits and vegetables from France and all over the world, in search of flavors, spices, plants and exoticism to create atypical and refined recipes and help you discover exceptional sweet and savory combinations made in France every day.

Taste... an obsession!

Shaking up tradition amuses us. Pushing the boundaries of taste tickles us. Every day, our Research and Development department works with passion and meticulousness to create new combinations, refining compositions several times over to offer the perfect balance in the blending of flavors and to let you taste what has never been done before.

The love of sharing in a jar

More than just a simple tasting, we aim to create a true sensory experience that will take you on a journey from the very first spoonful!

Our mastery of confectionery skills, combined with the art of combining well-chosen ingredients, results in products of incomparable quality and finesse.

Today, we have over a hundred flavors in our collection, and we concoct astonishing blends to offer you a very wide range of products and enable everyone to explore new flavors and territories.

The boldness of our blends gives rise to extraordinary recipes.
Start tasting!

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La Chambre

Our jams are creative and original, our textures tasty, and our love for jam is infinite! More than a hundred flavors make up our collection, from traditional fruits to the most unusual blends, including sweet and savory combinations. We love to play with flavors and create gourmet combinations full of surprises to accompany your breakfasts, desserts, aperitifs and dinners.