Let yourself be seduced by our spreadable creams with rich and creamy flavors. Prepared with carefully selected ingredients, our spreadable creams offer a smooth texture and an irresistible taste that will delight both young and old alike.

Spreadable Creams:

La Chambre's spreadable creams are true culinary gems, a delicate fusion of textures and flavors that elevates each jar to gourmet elegance. Every spread becomes a declaration of sweet refinement, revealing the sophistication of our spreadable cream universe. Explore our creations where simplicity transforms into sophisticated delights, and where each nuance speaks to the expert art of flavor pairing.

Immerse yourself in an exquisite experience with our passion fruit and milk chocolate, a perfect harmony between the sweetness of milk chocolate and the fruity passion that envelops each bite. Let yourself be transported to distant lands with our hazelnut mango coconut white chocolate, an exotic symphony that invites your taste buds on a unique gourmet journey. Also, explore our classic pear chocolate, where the tenderness of pear merges with the intensity of chocolate for a balanced taste experience.

Succumb to the originality of our dark chocolate tonka bean spread, a bold creation combining the bitterness of dark chocolate with the subtle spicy flavor of tonka bean. Each jar reveals our commitment to offering unique and refined creations. La Chambre invites you to discover these sophisticated delights, where each spread becomes a celebration of the art of spreadable cream.